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Horslyx Mini Licks

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Horslyx Mini Licks.

One of my horses favourite treats! Horslyx contains a high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package Biotin, zinc and methionine are included to stimulate good quality hoof growth. Horslyx has a high oil content which produces 'bloom' and vitality. Horslyx is easily digested making it ideal to feed to older or poor horses. Horslyx can be used to alleviate stress and boredom in stabled horses. Horslyx is a completely natural product, no chemicals, binders or fillers are used in the manufacturing process. Horses in medium work are likely to have a higher nutrient requirement than Horslyx and forage/grazing alone will provide, however Horslyx can be used alongside existing cereal rations to provide the optimum amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements the harder working horse requires. Horslyx is ideal for broodmares and young stock. It contains the correct calcium:phosphorus ratio. Horslyx is totally weatherproof and can be fed in the stable or field. Ideal to give to horses while they are being clipped or while trying to encourage a horse to load. My horses stand for ages being pampered when they have a horslyx!

Comes in Original, Garlic, Respitatory or Mint

In 1993 Caltech was formed after the factory was bought by CMI PLC from Pfizer Ltd, dismantled, put on a wagon and rebuilt at its current site in Silloth.

Caltech began by manufacturing Crystalyx Feed blocks for the agricultural market, developing a unique product that has no direct comparison or competitor. Following numerous enquiries as to whether Crystalyx was suitable for horses, the decision was made to create a horse specific product, ‘Horslyx’, in 1997.

Following the success of the debut product, Original Horslyx, extensive research was carried out and a Respiratory formulation was developed using high quality essential oils. After Respiratory Horslyx proved a hit the company created Mobility Horslyx which contains glucosamine, MSM and Omega Oils to effectively support joint function. The latest addition to the portfolio of formulas is Garlic Horslyx which has proved to effectively help deter flies and biting insects from the inside out.

Horslyx is made using a unique patented cooking process exclusive to Caltech and contains no chemical binders, fillers or hardeners. This unique process results in very low moisture lick– meaning the customers are buying product not water - some chemically hardened licks can be over 20% water but Horslyx is approximately 5%.

In addition to this the lick will soften at the horse’s body temperature, ensuring that Horslyx is easily broken down in the gut and readily digested, thus safeguarding the possibility of undigested matter blocking the digestive tract and causing colic.

Carefully researched and developed by international equine nutritionists, with more recent work carried out by Caltech’s Dr Cliff Lister, Horslyx not only balances the horses diet and can be fed alongside good quality forage alone, but also offers horses the psychologically advantageous opportunity to express the natural desire to eat for up to 16 hours per day. This can help to relieve the boredom resulting from long periods of stabling and reduce the likelihood of undesirable stereotypical behaviours developing.

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