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Smart Tails Plastic Disposable Mane/Tail Thinner

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Smart Tails Disposable Mane and Tail Thinner

The medium blades are good for the average type of mane and tail, it will cope with medium to soft hair. It has a plastic handle and fixed blade. These revolutionary mane and tail thinners are the only product in the market to actually THIN thick manes and tails, and give that pulled look without the discomfort.

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Smart Grooming are growing company specialising in equestrian and canine products which have been designed to be innovative, original and of course, useful.

Having been involved in the equestrian market for many years, originally from the "user" side, and more recently from a trade side when we established Smart Grooming in 2006, we are aware of how important it is to have products that "really work".

We had no idea how successful our highly effective tail thinner "Smart Tails" would become. From the first advert we were inundated with requests from both user and trade. It rapidly became apparent that we had to establish a trade company in order to meet the demand from the end user.

This become the start of the Smart Grooming brand, and we have added to the range each year, with products we have tried and tested ourselves, making sure they are useful, effective and do what they are supposed to do!

Smart Grooming Complete Range

Smart Grooming was established in 2006, with the aim of providing grooming tools that enabled animals to be tidied safely, humanely and quickly. With the launch of Smart Tails, this innovative thinning tool has enabled owners to achieve the "pulled" look but without the pain and discomfort normally associated with getting a show finish to a tail.

Our revolutionary mane and tail thinners known as Smart Tails and Smart Manes transform thick manes and tails in minutes. Humane and guaranteed to work on the most sensitive of animals, made from high quality Scandinavian steel and made in Germany. There is no other product on the market that has worked as successfully as these. These products are continually asked for and now have a real following throughout the world mainly through recommendation.
We have added to range to our range of grooming products over the years and we know have a comprehensive range in both the horse and dog market.

We also distribute the Mars pet grooming range which includes the very popular Coat King. These dog grooming products are particularly effective for keeping all types of coats matt free and tidy. The Coat King can be used by both professional and home user as part of a regular grooming programme. Made in Germany using Scandinavian steel, there are a huge range of sizes and grades available.


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